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We make your dreams a reality

Spinel travels is the gateway that will take you to the wonders of Sri Lanka.

We provide inbound and outbound travel services to thousands of customers who live anywhere in the world. We offer our customers access to exclusive packages, ranging from individual requests to group arrangements, which are tailor-made to fit their requirements. Our employees are extensively trained with hands on experience to give you the best advice to plan a perfect holiday trip to Sri Lanka. Spinel Travels follows a unique yet simple strategy to love Sri Lanka of rich history and elegance.

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Spinel Travels is a leading Destination Management Company that was established to promote the tropical paradise island of Sri Lanka

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Our prearranged packages are crafted to be as cost-effective as possible. So, you don't have to worry, but enjoy your time in here in, Sri Lanka

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We will assist you every step of the way and it is our duty Is to provide reliable customer-oriented travel solutions while you are with us


Frequently Ask Questions

Get an insider’s view into how the team at Spinel Travels sees Sri Lanka as a destination one must travel, during their lifetime.

What will be the benefits of visiting Sri Lanka ?

There are lots of benefits in visiting Sri Lanka. First, it is a great place to regroup during the vacation after a very hectic lifestyle. It also provides the best way to be connected with nature with all the eco-tourism going on. Touring Sri Lanka, you can get the first-hand taste in the culture which is very vibrant and most of all awe-striking. These are just a few of the many benefits that I can list.

Quotation Terms
  • In the quotation phase, none of the mentioned services, such as flights and hotels, will be booked. Khiri Travel does not conduct availability-checks’ before actual booking.
  • The quotation may include the need for deposits for certain hotels or services at the time of confirmation.
  • Upon acceptance of the quotation by the client, Khiri Travel will use its best efforts to confirm bookings exactly as quoted. If not available, we will confirm the next best available option. Any cost increment will be specified.
  • If a sector is fully booked, flight and train schedules may render a quoted program unworkable. if so, we will do our best to suggest the best available alternative.
Flights & bookings
  • Flight tariffs may be changed at any time by the airline.
  • Tickets are issued by Khiri Travel only if explicitly mentioned in the itinerary and in the including / excluding section of the quotation.
  • Unless a carrier has been specified, Khiri Travel shall select the carrier at the time of booking.
What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka ?

Anytime is a great time to visit Sri Lanka! As an year-round destination, it has two monsoons that occur in different halves of the island at different times. So if you wish to enjoy the western and southern coastal resorts when the weather is best, come between December and April. However, even during the monsoon, sunny, warm days are common, although occasional evening showers can be expected.

Rates and Currencies
  • All rates are based on a per person basis, inclusive of any VAT and service charge.
  • Rates are either in US Dollars, Euro or local currency, as indicated in the quotation.
Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specifically agreed to, our General Terms & Conditions will apply at the time of booking.


What they say?

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the British Crown Colony of Ceylon. It became independent in 1948. It lying in the Indian Ocean and separated from peninsular India by the Palk Strait. Sri Lanka is called as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It has often been described as a tropical paradise. Sirimavo Bandaranaike is the first female prime minister in the world history.

Each day on this island promises new experiences, discoveries, and life-long memories. Each place, and each smile in Sri Lanka has a story to tell. We have so much to share with you, so come along to our island in paradise!

Welcome to Cambodia

Cambodia is a rural country with among the religiously and most ethnically homogeneous populations in Southeast Asia. It is located to the South portion of Indochina Peninsula. Capital city of Phnom Penh is home to National museum, Royal palace and art deco Central market. Angkor Wat is a massive stone complex built during the Khmer empire.

Cambodia is one of a kind. People in Cambodia are friendly and kind. It has white beaches, gold dusted temples, saffron robbed monks, mysterious monuments and Cardamom Mountains. You can experience the rhythm of rural life, swaying sugar palms and landscapes of dazzling rice paddies in Cambodia’s countryside. A trip to Cambodia will leave you inspired and renew your faith in humanity.

Welcome to Vietnam

Vietnam occupying the eastern portion of mainland Southeast Asia. Its neighbors include China to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west. It has a wide range of ethnic groups, countryside and climates. Vietnam’s mountainous terrain, long coastline, wetlands, and forests contain many different habitats that support a great variety of wildlife. Some 270 types of mammals, 80 amphibians, 800 bird species and 180 reptiles reside in Vietnam.

Our tours to Vietnam are as exciting and diverse as the country itself. Those are packed full of lush paddy fields, dramatic seascapes, undisturbed white sandy beaches, neon hued cities and kaleidoscopic images. You can explore the history of Vietnam War, French occupation and Ho Chi Minh.

Welcome to Maldives

Maldives is scattered with 1192 coral islands set within 26 atolls are spread across 35,000 square miles of Indian Ocean. It is the lowest country in the world. The resorts here are famously luxurious and a total escape from everyday life.

The wonderful White sandy beaches and year round tropical climate of the Maldives provide a stunning barefoot retreat. It a world class diving destination. You can dine in style on your private island, pamper yourself with a blissful spa treatment, snorkeling among turtles, relax with a favorite book and take a boat for Dolphin watching.